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Q: Where are games played? When are the games?

A: The games are played at The American School in London and the King Solomon Academy. Game times can be found on the 2018/19 schedule. All other sites have street parking.  view our where we play page


Q: Are team assignments final?

A: Generally yes., apart from in exceptional cases, mainly to keep the teams balanced. Any team move must be approved in advance by the Commissioners.


Q: May I ask for my child to play on a team with another specified child?

A: Yes, although we discourage these requests. We think that having children play with new acquaintances in a sporting situation is a good experience for them. Our coaches try to make sure that children don't feel abandoned or without friends even if they don't know anyone on the team at the beginning of the season.


Q: Do I sign up my child for Saturdays or Sundays?

A: All leagues will play on Sundays apart from the developmental league who will play on Saturdays. Times for Sunday games will vary.


Q: Is it ok for my child to arrive late because of other commitments?

A: Generally this is not a problem in the instructional leagues though it is disruptive. In the competitive leagues arrival more than thirty minutes after the start could mean that game start time could be delayed, or if there are not enough players, a game could be forfeited. Please plan to arrive on time. Please also let your child's coaches know if your child will be late or miss a game so they organize player rotation based on the expected number of players.


Q: What is the Skills Assessment Session for? Is my child guaranteed to be able to play?

A: Yes, the Skills Assessment Session is used by London Basketball to evaluate the abilities of both new and returning players to London Basketball so that we can allocate them to teams in a way that will keep the teams as evenly matched as possible. Your child will be able to play no matter how they performed at the Skills Assessment Session .