A few reminders as we contemplate the start of the basketball season



We have been able to offer weekend basketball at ASL for twenty years and during that time have built up tremendous good will between London Basketball and ASL. As comfortable as many of us feel at the school, there are several specific rules that need to be adhered to in order for the program to be able to continue.

1. Unauthorised use of the outdoor playground area. This area is off limits; the zoning regulations that cover the ASL site prohibit the use of the outdoor playground on the weekend. Every now and then we tend to forget this, but we need to make sure we comply with this policy each and every week.

2. Unsupervised children in the hallways and other parts of the facilities not authorised for use by London Basketball. Wandering the school hallways, using the library or any or other facilities are also prohibited. This especially applies to siblings who are not playing and we need to ask parents to help enforce this. Coaches are expected to supervise only their players - parents are responsible for all other children. We are welcome in the gyms, gym foyer and commons area beside the gym entrance only. (ASL students may, at any time, ask security for permission to briefly go to their books locker or gym locker. A security representative will often accompany them.)



3. No Climbing/Sitting on Bleachers. Many of us ignore the "no climbing" signs that are posted on the bleachers. It's dangerous (especially for little kids) and potentially damaging to the school's equipment. We must adhere to the "No Sitting on the Bleachers" rule. We recognize that in the upper gym there is not a lot of viewing space, but there is little we can do to change this. Fans will need to either stand or sit on the floor on the far sides of the court.

4. Unattended personal belongings, equipment and bags. ASL is not responsible for our belongings and everyone participating in London Basketball (either as a player or fan) remains responsible for their belongings. Please advise your children to be careful about leaving personal items unattended in the commons area or the gym.

And while these reminders apply specifically to ASL, we also need to remember that the facilities at King Solomon Academy also need to be treated with the same degree of care and respect if we are going to be able to continue to use this venue in the future. Please remember to clear your water bottles, coffee cups or other trash from each of the venues.